Group Entertainment of Muslim Art (GEMA)


Group Entertainment of Muslim Art (GEMA) adalah sebuah persatuan dalaman yang ditubuhkan di UiTM Terengganu, yang memperjuangkan kesenian Islam terutamanya irama Nasyid.

    tazkirah..something that i wish to share with sahabat2 lain :)

    Siti Fatimah Zaharah

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    tazkirah..something that i wish to share with sahabat2 lain :)

    Post  Siti Fatimah Zaharah on Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:34 pm

    What was i seeking in this so called life? satisfactions? happiness? perfection?

    nobody wanted to be in a failure state, distressful.. people said that life is like a wheel. sometimes we’re up and sometimed we’re down. but not for me, i don’t think so. more to a life-long education process. where mistakes made, forgiven and try again. in the attempt of striding through this life, alhamdulillah it has been a lot that i’ve learnt, seen, heard, read about and felt…

    nobody wants to face the same experience twice! especially when it is not favorable to us, of course. what we can do each tiem we face everyday, embrace it and make the best of it No, we cannot freeze the moment. but Yes, we can make that moment lasts forever and keep it beating, live it and re-live that experiences in our hearts.

    when i see that tree outside of the surau (i’m @ the surau the moment i wrote this) i was thinking like how long it has been for the tree to grow there. what it had seen for all its life as a big tree at the main intersection between the mosque, and the main road of Sungai Kantan. hmm…it may have seen a gruesome accidents. hundreds maybe..or it had once or two be a shelter for the orphans, or schoole children who has finish their daily classess. or it might have been a witness for a group of bride’s escorts on their way to the reception..haha, who will ever know?!

    as a living, breathing, moving flesh of human…with the akal (most valuable gift of intelligence from ALLAH)…supposedly our experience is much, much more than that tree by the main road intersection in Sungai Kantan!

    have we ever put our mind to it, what will ever happen tomorrow, the week after, two month later…three years after that? have it crossed our little mind that our dreams that we built can went down the drain? haha

    if and only if we take time to acknowledge our origins, we will definatelybe the most humble human being in the world.

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